chris hadfield

If you want to feel small, just sit for a moment and really soak in the new photo from NASA and the James Webb Space Telescope.

Scientists recently brought the world's new super-powerful telescope online, and on Monday night, they shared its very first full-colour photo of the universe.

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Good morning — Andrew from Narcity here!

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, who capped the 2021-22 NBA season by winning their fourth championship in eight seasons last night. The victory marks the first career title for Canada's own Andrew Wiggins.

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NASA is expected to take its first steps toward returning to the moon this year, and retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield couldn’t be more excited.

The former commander of the International Space Station recently spoke to Narcity about the near future of space travel, including NASA's plans to visit the moon, as part of the Audi Innovation Series.

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