A UFO Study Is Now Underway In Canada & It Comes As Residents Are Reporting More Sightings

Canada is keeping its eyes on the skies. 🌌

​A pilot operates the aircraft. Right: A UFO in the sky.

A pilot operates the aircraft. Right: A UFO in the sky.

Seen something weird in the sky lately? You're not alone!

Canada is launching an official UFO study into UAPs, aka "unidentified aerial phenomena," as Canadians are reporting more UFO sightings .

The study is called the "Sky Canada Project," as CTV News reports, and is said to be the "first known official Canadian UFO research effort in nearly 30 years."

According to a PowerPoint presentation shared with CTV, the study aims to understand how UFO reports are analyzed and compiled in Canada and will compare Canada's approach to UAPs with other G7 countries.

For those wondering if the study will seek to determine whether extraterrestrials are trying to make contact with Canada, researchers have gone ahead and answered that question.

The study, they say, "is not meant to prove or deny the existence of extraterrestrial life or extraterrestrial visitors."

Its point is not to "access and collect first-hand data" like photos and videos of sightings.

However, it will help to "support citizen science," like collecting observations to document rare natural phenomena, and deliver more transparency around UFOs, specifically by giving access to collected information "to prevent conspiracy theories."

As CTV reports, federal organizations have been contacted for their input, including the Canadian Space Agency, Transport Canada, and the RCMP.

The study comes after four aerial objects were shot down over Canada and the U.S . in recent weeks, including an object that had previously been identified as a Chinese surveillance balloon off the coast of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and an octagonal object with "dangling strings" over Lake Huron.

It also comes as Canadians are reporting an uptick in UFO sightings , according to Canada's top UFO researcher.

Chris Rutkowski, who is with Winnipeg-based Ufology Research, told CBC News that more Canadians may be turning their eyes toward the skies in light of the recent downings.

But sightings were on the rise even before the UAP takedowns. According to a recent study from Ufology Research , there were 768 UFO sightings in Canada in 2022 — an increase of about 6% from 2021.

UFOs in Canada

The study isn't the first of its kind in Canada.

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia , Canada launched two separate projects devoted to UFOs in the 1950s, both of which, it notes, "came about for the sake of caution and to allay public concern."

Project Magnet was launched after pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine shiny objects flying over Mount Rainier in Washington State, with reports at the time describing what he saw as "flying saucers."

The project saw researchers use experiments to determine whether UFOs flew using magnetic energy. It was shut down, however, after the researcher behind the project, Wilbert Smith, came to believe that UFOs were extraterrestrial.

The second, Project Second Storey , sought to debunk sightings, and eventually concluded that UFOs were "not amenable to scientific inquiry" — in other words, that they weren't something scientists could, or would, study.

According to the presentation CTV shared, this new study will be collecting information over the spring, with its final report to be made public in 2024.

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