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We're back; sorry it's Monday — Andrew from Narcity here. ☕

Off The Top: A traveller has reignited the never-ending debate over reclining your seat on an airplane, recording a video showing the seat of the passenger in front of him situated inches from his face. The Morning Brief's rule of thumb? If there's any threat of recreating the famous kiss scene from Spider-Man, you're too far back.

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Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health was caught not following his own advice at an event in Toronto this week.

Days after "strongly recommending" that all Ontarians wear masks in all indoor public settings, Dr. Kieran Moore was seen going maskless himself in a room full of people.

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The Ontario government is "strongly recommending" people wear masks indoors to help combat what Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore, described as a "triple threat" of COVID-19, RSV, and the seasonal flu impacting the province's pediatric healthcare system.

Monday's recommendation for all indoor environments, including schools and childcare settings, stopped short of a reimposed mask mandate in Ontario, but that is clearly not off the table.

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There is growing speculation that mask mandates in Ontario might be up for formal discussion again as schools, hospitals and public health experts express concern over the risk of respiratory illnesses heading into winter.

Premier Doug Ford has encouraged people to "mask up" but has stopped short of reintroducing a mandate.

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Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario's medical officer of health, is encouraging the public to mask up following a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the province.

In an interview on Thursday, Dr. Moore told CP24 that the province has "absolutely seen a rise in risk for COVID over the last several weeks" and is preparing for what could be a "complex and difficult winter" in terms of the virus.

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