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When it comes to filming movies and TV shows, Western Canada has become quite the hotspot over the last few years and a few huge HBO shows have used B.C. and Alberta as their backdrops.

The two provinces have been popping up on screen a lot and it looks like HBO has taken notice as quite a few shows from the huge network have started filming in B.C. and Alberta.

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If you've always wanted to step into a Hallmark Christmas movie you're in luck because a whopping 15 holiday flicks were filmed in and around Ottawa in 2022, leading to a record-breaking year for the city.

Many of the films will be released in November so you can watch some of these new Christmas movies and see what Ottawa spots you can find.

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Think your generation is the best? A Canadawide casting call is looking for contestants for a new game show that would see Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z battle it out.

CTV has announced that its new quiz-based game show, Battle of the Generations, is currently casting Canadians to compete and represent their generation.

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Game day is nerve-wracking enough for athletes, but an Alberta Junior Hockey team also had the added pressure of Hollywood star Jon Hamm visiting.

Hamm — who is currently in Alberta for the filming of the latest season of Fargo — was a special guest when the Canmore Eagles played against the Calgary Canucks on Friday, October 28. After the game, he visited the team and posed for photos.

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Filming for the TV series Fargo is taking over parts of Downtown Calgary today and this could be your chance to run into a Stranger Things star right in the city.

According to Downtown Calgary, filming for the anthology series will be taking place in or outside a high-rise on Fifth Avenue Southwest between Fourth and Fifth Street Southwest.

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