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For my recent visit from Calgary to Vancouver for work, I decided to try out Canada's "ultra-affordable" airline Lynx Air.

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If you've been thinking of a career change and you like the sound of some amazing travel perks, you're in luck. Canada's "ultra-affordable" Lynx Air is hiring for a ton of jobs in Calgary and some of these roles don't even require previous experience.

Lynx Air, which had its inaugural flight in April, is hiring for jobs in a range of roles from cabin crew to recruitment and all the roles are based out of Calgary.

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Canada's "ultra-affordable" Lynx Air is offering travellers a buy one get one free deal on all of its flights and the promo code can be used more than once!

If you're thinking of taking a trip during the next few months, the Lynx Air "summertime BOGO" event is happening right now so you can book a flight for yourself and someone else with the low-cost carrier.

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If you've been looking for cheap domestic flight tickets in Canada, this could be for you. Canada's newest airline Lynx Air is promising "ultra-affordable" prices and it has big expansion plans for 2022.

On April 11, the new carrier took to the skies for the first time for its inaugural flight between Calgary and Vancouver.

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