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machine gun kelly

Machine Gun Kelly's guitarist Sophie Lloyd is fighting back and denying allegations that she may have been involved in MGK's rumoured split from his fiancée Megan Fox.

Lloyd is denying claims that she cheated with the singer as fans continue to take sides between her and Megan Fox on social media.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship is on the rocks, but it looks like they haven’t fully given up on each other just yet.

The couple was spotted together on Valentine's Day, despite reports that MGK may have cheated on Fox.

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Good morning — Andrew from Narcity here. ☕

And happy Valentine's Day. Or as I like to call it, just some random Tuesday.

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Machine Gun Kelly allegedly cheating on Megan Fox might not be something anyone saw coming in 2023, but the questions are really piling up now since she's deleted her Instagram.

The two have always been very public and vocal about their relationship, constantly posting each other on social media and even admitting to drinking each other's blood as a ritualistic practice.

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Megan Fox just posted a super cryptic Instagram post, and the reign of Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) may be over.

The PDA-loving couple has been engaged since January 2022 and continuously found themselves in the spotlight, from wild Halloween costumes to drinking each other's blood, but the wild ride could be coming to an end.

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