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Dating in Toronto can be challenging, but now you can bring your furry BFF along to help you weed out your perfect match.

Ontario Doggos is hosting a singles social at Stackt Market's Bark Yark for singles looking for love next month, and as you mingle, your pup can run around off leash in a 4,800-square-foot dog park.

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Summer is going to the dogs.

If your ideal weekend includes shopping with your dog, drinking cocktails, listening to live music and meeting pups, don't make plans for next weekend.

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Are you looking for someone to wear the matching half of a BFF bracelet with you, unironically?

Ontario Doggos is putting on a splashy event called "Find Your B*tch," which is geared towards young professionals in Toronto who are looking to meet their next BFF with the additional bonus of adorable puppies, bubbly and a "Magic Mike moment."

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Do you watch an equal amount of random dog videos and RuPaul's Drag Race?

If you answered yes, you might want to clear your schedule for June 20 because Ontario Doggos is hosting a new event called "Double D's: Dogs & Drag" for Pride month and Torontonians will be able to kiki it up with their pups for a night of drag, dancing, and drinks.

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It's time to bump 'n' grind and let your dog join a congo line because Canada's first dog-friendly club night is coming to Toronto.

Ontario Doggos is putting on a dog-friendly club night at Love Child Social House in Toronto next month, and you can party with your four-legged best friend and even order them "Doggo Service" while you pop some bottles.

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