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ontario islands

Ontario boasts a bunch of beautiful islands, but this one will transport you back in time to 1800s Ireland. You can explore vast farmland and marshy conservation areas that lead you to historic ruins and clear water beaches.

Amherst Island is located on Lake Ontario, a short (about 20 minutes) ferry ride from the town of Bath. It is full of history and was home to many Irish immigrants who left their mark with traditional stone walls.

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Ontario is home to several gorgeous islands, but this one might just be the most unique. The tiny spot of land, dubbed "Bathtub Island" is located in Lake Superior Provincial Park, and it makes for a dreamy summer day trip.

The island is situated just off the shore near Katherine Cove. It gets its name from its unique, basin-like shape that's full of water, just like a bathtub.

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Nothing says "summer" like an island getaway, and you can escape to some hidden oases right here in Ontario. These stunning islands are unique places to explore, and you can even take a dip in the blue water that surrounds them.

From islands filled with rock formations to hidden waterfall swimming holes, these spots are worth a boat ride.

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It turns out, you donโ€™t need to move to the Caribbean in order to experience gorgeous island living. This private island for sale in Ontario is surrounded by bright turquoise waters, and it looks like it belongs in the tropics.

The 1.5-acre isle is located off the shores of Wiarton and you don't need to be a multi-millionaire to afford it. The property is listed at $529,000 and comes with a 3-bedroom cottage.

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