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Good morning and TGIF — Andrew from Narcity here. ☕

Off The Top: Two men from Florida were filmed having a physical altercation in Utah while trapped on an ascending chairlift headed up a ski hill. On one hand, this seems like a classic turf war between two Floridians vying for alpha Florida Man status. But the real moral of the story? Never ski.

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The latest edition of Ontario's rejected license plates has been revealed, giving us a glimpse into some of the creative, witty, funny, and just downright weird combinations people were looking to put on the front and back of their vehicles in 2022.

Any driver looking for a personalized license plate in Ontario can get one online, but understandably, there are a number of rules to keep things PG, and the process itself will cost you over $300.

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Car owners will be happy to know they'll be saving some money soon, as Ontario licence plate stickers are officially going to be a thing of the past.

Starting March 13, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, light-duty trucks and mopeds, won't have to have a licence plate sticker. Snowmobiles and heavy commercial vehicles, however, won't have a change to their licence plate stickers.

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