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If you're the type of person who likes to plan their vacations way in advance, you might want to check out these cruises that are setting sail from Ontario next summer.

You can really get a feel for what life is like out at sea as you journey from Ottawa all the way to Reykjavík in Iceland. Or, you can sail through almost all of the Great Lakes on not one but two different cruises that are set to disembark in 2023.

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You can take a bus, you can take a plane, you can even take a train all the way down to New York City from Toronto. But, you know what, you can hop on board a boat to NYC, too.

Step right up to Viking Cruise's "Canadian Discovery" adventure, which will disembark from the 6ix and make its way to NYC on a 13-day trip. But, of course, with many action-packed stops along the way.

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Travelling to the U.S. from Toronto is not that easy anymore, even though it's right across the border. Mainly because Ontario gas prices are becoming ridiculously high, and the wait times at Pearson airport are outrageous!

But why take a plane, car or bus when you can enjoy the summer on a cruise ship and explore many different cities too?

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If you love to hang by the water during the summer, why not make your next vacation a cruise?

Now that cruises have made their splash at Toronto's ports after a two-year hiatus, there are more trips that you can take, including one two-week trip that will take you from the Windy City and straight through to the 6ix (with of course a few stops along the way).

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Have you always wondered what it'd be like to hop on board a cruise on Canada's Great Lakes? Well, there is a Toronto cruise that will take you to most of them.

Late last month, PortsToronto announced that Great Lakes cruises are making a comeback to the 6ix after a two-year hiatus, and they welcomed the Viking Octantis ship on its first-ever trip.

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