Ontario Has A Cruise That'll Take You To Greenland & Iceland For Almost 3 Whole Weeks

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A Vantage cruise line ship. Right: Qaqortoq, Greenland.
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A Vantage cruise line ship. Right: Qaqortoq, Greenland.

Who says you have to hop on board a flight to travel to Greenland or Iceland? If you want to bypass the airport to visit these spots, there's a 19-day cruise you can take from Ontario that will sail all the way over there for you.

Even though Vantage Deluxe World Travel's Arctic adventure technically starts off in Montreal, Ontarians can start their vacation early with the pre-trip add-on that will disembark from Ottawa.

If you start your trip in the nation's capital, you can stay at the iconic Fairmont Chateau Laurier and explore the Rideau Canal, which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then you'll cruise over to Montreal to start your aquatic adventure, where you can check out Old Montreal and the views on top of Mont Royal before sailing off on the Ocean Explorer towards eastern Canada.

You'll get to see more of the St. Lawrence River as you head to Québec City before chugging along to Woody Point on Bonne Bay in Newfoundland.

The cruise line route with the optional stops from Ottawa to Reykjavik.The cruise line route with the optional stops from Ottawa to Reykjavik.Vantage Deluxe World Travel

Then for the next couple of days, you will be out in open waters as the ship cruises along the Labrador Sea. You can go for a massage at their onboard spa or go for a dip in one of their hot tubs as you make your way toward Nanortalik in Greenland for a day packed with adventure.

The boat will steer you down the Prince Christian Sound along Greenland's coast as it makes its way to Isortoq, which is one of the most remote places in the world with less than 100 people living there.

By day 13, you'll head to another remote spot in Greenland known as Kulusuk Island that has a ton of colourful houses nestled on rolling green hills. Anyone who loves to hike can walk up to the top of 984-foot tall Isikajia Mountain to take in all of the views of the small village and the fjords.

Then the ship makes its way to Siglufjörður in Iceland, which is a fjord town known for its herring. After, on the 16th day, you can check out the ancient glaciers in Ísafjörður and see the historic village of Thingeyri where you can watch a Viking musical.

The cruise caps off in Reykjavík where you can eat Icelandic hot dogs (called pysla), check out the Golden Circle to take in some stunning vistas and drink the freshest Bloody Marys right at a tomato farm.

This cruise is completely sold out for 2022, but the next two summers still have availabilities if you want to plan your trip way ahead of time.

Arctic Adventure: Iceland, Greenland, and Beyond

Price: Starting at $12,499, plus an extra $1,499 if you opt for the pre-trip

When: May 5 and July 1, 2023, and May 9 and July 5, 2024

Why You Need To Go: You can sail across eastern Canada to see all of the wonders Greenland and Iceland offer, from their stunning fjord towns to their UNESCO-listed national parks.


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