You Can Travel From Toronto To Florida By Ship & Explore Other Cool Spots Along The Way

Bon voyage!

Toronto Associate Editor
Toronto in the summer. Right: A beach in Fort Lauderdale in Florida

Toronto in the summer. Right: A beach in Fort Lauderdale in Florida

Travelling to the U.S. from Toronto is not that easy anymore, even though it's right across the border. Mainly because Ontario gas prices are becoming ridiculously high, and the wait times at Pearson airport are outrageous!

But why take a plane, car or bus when you can enjoy the summer on a cruise ship and explore many different cities too?

Well, it's your lucky day because Viking Cruises Canada has introduced a new route that'll take you from the heart of Toronto to Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

In other words, you can travel from the cityscapes to an ocean oasis in 16 days and enjoy a bunch of different places along the way.

Cruise line stops from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale.Cruise line stops from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale.Viking Cruises Canada

Some stops include Quebec City, Cape Breton Island, Lunenburg, New York City, Charleston, and more.

However, it's essential to remember that the trips aren't cheap, that's for sure, but you can't put a price on a great adventure, right?

If you were hoping to get on a ship to Fort Lauderdale in 2023, when the cruises commence, you're looking at a trip that starts at around $15,000.

But, before you jump to conclusions, a lot is included in the fare.

According to their website, you can get free Wi-Fi, drinks when eating onboard, visits to UNESCO sites, 24-hour room service, one complimentary landing or shore excursion in every port of call, and so much more.

Additionally, trips don't start till 2023, and there are two available dates for those planning on leaving from Toronto.

So, if you were interested, then you've got time to save some bucks because your options will be September 15, 2023, or September 26, 2023.

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on cheap travel from Toronto and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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