Toronto Pearson Airport Is The Busiest On These Days & Here's When

There are peak travel times too.

Inside Toronto Pearson Airport's baggage claim.
Toronto Associate Editor

Inside Toronto Pearson Airport's baggage claim.

More and more people have been flying through Toronto Pearson Airport lately, but what are the busiest travel days?

A spokesperson from the Greater Toronto Airports Authority shared with Narcity that the busiest days range from Thursday to Sunday for flights that are coming into Pearson, though departing flights are different.

"For outbound flights one of our busiest times is Monday morning," Rachel Bertone from the GTAA said.

There are also certain times of the day that are busier than others.

"Departure peaks are generally seen in the early morning, late afternoon and early evening," Ryan White, communications and media relations manager for the GTAA told Narcity via email.

For international travellers touching down at Pearson, White said the more hectic times are generally in the afternoon and evening.

Lately, Pearson travellers have been dealing with longer processing times because of how many people have been flying, and because of the staffing shortages with the Canadian Airport Transport Security Authority. Some travellers have even been asked to stay onboard the plane until there's enough space for them to go through the customs hall.

To make sure that passengers get to their flights on time, Pearson has been suggesting to travellers to arrive at the airport two hours before their domestic flights, and three hours if they are setting off for an international destination.

The airport has also been encouraging travellers to be fully prepared when they go through security screening, and to check their flight status beforehand.

Pearson predicts that this situation could get even worse by the summer when thousands more people are expected to jet off. The airport has called on the feds to cut random testing upon arrival, and streamline the inbound public health requirements at airports so travellers don't have to deal with extreme wait times.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor