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Tallest Buildings In Each Canadian Province Range From Over 300 m To Just 39 m Tall

Toronto's new building will almost be taller than all the east coast ones combined!
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Tallest Buildings In Canada In Each Province Are Massive But Some Are Actually Small

Looks up, way up! The tallest buildings in Canada range from soaring skyscrapers that are over 300 metres to ones that are as small as 39 metres. Each province has one and there's even a government building included.

The honour having the tallest building in the country goes to Ontario.

Currently, the skyscraper that reigns supreme is First Canadian Place in Toronto. It's an office building that comes in at 298.1 metres tall and is also the largest one in the province, but not for long.

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With the expected completion of the 312.5-metreSkyTower happening in 2024, it will become the tallest building in Ontario and Canada, excluding the CN tower.

As a residential building, it will have more than 800 luxury units that cost over $800,000 each to buy.

In Alberta, Stantec Tower stands out from the Edmonton skyline at 248.9 metres. It's an office and residential building.

1250 René-Lévesque in Montreal is the tallest building in Quebec and rises 226.5 metres up into the sky.

Currently, Living Shangri-La in Vancouver is the tallest building in the city and in B.C. at 200.9 metres.

It houses a hotel, officers and condo units.

However, Gilmore Place, a residential building, is under construction in Burnaby and it will be at least 214 metres tall when completed.

That will make it the biggest one in the province.

In Manitoba, the tallest building is in Winnipeg. 201 Portage is an office building that has a height of 128 metres.

300 Main is currently being built in the same city as a residential and business tower that will be 142 metres tall when completed.

Here's when the tallest buildings starter to get smaller in comparison to the huge ones in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec.

Nova Scotia's tallest is Fenwick Tower, an apartment building in Halifax that comes in at 98 metres.

For Saskatchewan, Mosaic Potash Tower in Regina is currently the highest at 84.5 metres.

One under construction in Saskatoon, Nutrien Tower, will take that title though since it will be 88 metres.

In New Brunswick, two buildings are tied for being the tallest.

Assumption Place in Moncton and Brunswick Square in Saint John are both 80.8 metres.

Confederation Building which is home to the Newfoundland & Labrador House of Assembly in St. John's is the largest one in the province at 64 metres tall.

Finally in P.E.I., there are no giant skyscrapers like in Ontario.

The tallest building in the province is Holman Grand Hotel in Charlottetown which comes in at 39 metres.

The new tower being built in Toronto will almost be taller than the biggest ones from each Atlantic province combined.

If two buildings weren't tied for the top spot in New Brunswick then the SkyTower would literally tower over all the ones on the east coast.

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