The Sunshine State is making headlines again amid COVID-19 outbreaks. As Florida coronavirus cases continue to spike, mask mandates have been a crutch to help slow the spread. Though it has come to light that not every city and police department is actually enforcing these rules.

Narcity spoke with Tarpon Springs Police Department Sergeant Faugno who was able to confirm that Tarpon Springs, a popular tourist mecca near Tampa, is among the towns not prosecuting those who don't follow the mandate. 

"As far as enforcement goes it's not something we are going out and fining people for," Faugno told Narcity in an interview this morning.

Faugno said the department has received several complaints over the past two weeks but they have only been logging them.

"It would be nonstop if everyone called and complained about people within 6 ft without a mask... It's individual responsibility; during these times with these numbers people need to be more responsible. We can't police that everywhere all the time, it's virtually impossible."

Narcity was able to confirm that despite Pinellas County having a mask mandate in place, people without masks could be seen going in and out of Tarpon Springs businesses over the weekend.

The wildly popular Greek town was bustling with shoppers and visitors on Sunday. Dolphin cruises were still launching every couple of hours and parking lots were nearly full. 

Dozens of people were spotted congregating in many small spaces without masks during Narcity's time in the downtown Sponge Docks area.

Florida's COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed as the state becomes the world's pandemic epicenter

Pinellas County's mandate was put in place on June 26 and requires people to wear face coverings in all public spaces.

Failure to do so could result in a second-degree misdemeanor charge and upwards of a $500 fine.

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