Birds are a staple of any Florida waterway, but Lakeland, Florida is trying to sell off their swans this year to mitigate the price of caring for them.

Next week will be the 40th Annual Lake Morton Swan Roundup, where the City of Lakeland Parks Division will carefully gather up the local waterfowl for a veterinary checkup.

More information on the actual swan sale is still to come, but with overpopulation being such an issue, the city decided giving the swans new homes was a better option.

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It costs about $10,000 per year to feed and care for Lakeland’s domestic swans.

Bob Donahay, Director of Parks & Recreation

Donahay was quoted in The Lakeland Ledger saying he estimated the lake currently holds around 80 birds, with the city only allocating enough feed for up to 50 animals.

With increased animals and traffic in the area, the risk of collusions also rises, which is something the city wants to avoid.

Steve Platt, who is locally known as 'The Swanfather,' is a city grounds maintenance supervisor and told The Lakeland Ledger it is a priority to make sure no paired swans would be sold.

The city has a list and keeps paired swans matched with microchips to organize the mated swans.

Platt also told The Lakeland Ledger that he’s already had many individuals contact the city with interest in purchasing swans, including wedding venues, and nursing and funeral homes.