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Republicans Failed To Stop You From Voting Early In Texas

The court just shut them down
Republicans Failed To Stop You From Voting Early In Texas

Election day is rapidly approaching and Texas Republicans have just lost their battle to push back early voting.

Earlier in the pandemic, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order adding an extra week of early voting for the general elections to combat long lines at the polls. 

Texas Republicans clapped back, taking the issue to the state's highest court, claiming the order violated the state's election laws which require that early voting start 17 days before the election.

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The election is already underway.

Texas Supreme Court

Polling places will be adding precautions to keep voters safe during the pandemic.

Another safety measure some Texans are fighting for is expanded mail-in ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is only offered to those 65 and older, disabled, away from the county, or in jail.

But the state's Republican officials have so far denied the request.

Early voting will be held from October 13 through the 30.

Election day is Tuesday, November 3rd.

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