The Weeknd got the change he was looking for after boycotting Grammys in early March, but it didn't change his mind.

The pop star called out the award ceremony after his 2020 album, "After Hours," which featured the smash hit single "Blinding Lights," failed to receive any nominations by the ceremony's "secret committees," which is an anonymous group of people that decides who makes the final ballot.

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On Friday, April 30, the Grammys announced that they had voted to eliminate the "secret committees," but while The Weeknd is happy to see the change, it still wasn't enough to get him to change his mind about submitting his future work.

In a statement to the New York Times, the singer said, "Even though I won't be submitting my music, the Grammys' recent admission of corruption will hopefully be a positive move for the future of this plagued award and give the artist community the respect it deserves with a transparent voting process."

On top of eliminating the committees, the Academy will be requiring 90% of its members to go through a "requalification" process before next year's selection process, thus "ensuring that the voting body is actively engaged in music creation."