Just off the island of Montreal is one of the most spectacular sights in Canada. The biggest village of lights in the world is back and officially open to visitors.

Alex Melki

Illumi in Laval, Quebec was the biggest village of lights in the world last year, and in 2020, it’s now three times bigger.

Visitors can take in over 30,000 light sculptures as they make their way through 18 uniquely themed worlds spread across 3km.

The creative minds behind Cavalia's theatrical productions have brought a world of lights to life with 15-million festive LED bulbs.

They've also taken COVID precautions into consideration when building this year's village, paving a street in order to allow visitors a safe experience from the comfort of their own car.  

Alex Melki | narcity

Illumi will be sporting spooky decor for Halloween until November 1, when it will switch to a winter holiday theme until January 2021.