The view here is a-maize-ing. This year, there's a corn maze in Edmonton with a heartwarming look you'll love to get lost in. So to test your sense of direction and race your friends to the exit.

The Edmonton Corn Maze told Narcity that this year their design has a positive message. Right in the center, it says "better together" with a giant heart.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the maze, which will happen from Tuesday, July 28 until Saturday, October 24.

The highly-anticipated outdoor activity is not to be missed. You'll get to explore a real labyrinth cut into 15 acres of corn.

Inside you are bound to get lost a few times, as there are more than five kilometres of pathways. But it isn't a straight line the entire time; there are 85 areas where the path splits, and you need to decide which way to go.

Choose wrong, and you might find yourself walking towards the start. If it happens to be your lucky day and take the correct route the entire time, you can get out in under 30 minutes.

While it seems simple enough because all the wall looks similar, it is harder than it seems.

The corn maze is going to be challenging, even for adults.

The average person will take roughly one to one and a half hours to reach the finish. Why not time yourself to see how well you do?

Compared to previous years, there will be some small changes. Not only is the design new, but they will be limiting crowd sizes.

Tickets will become available two weeks beforehand and are for a one-hour entry window. On their website, you'll need to pick one of the timeslots between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. when buying your $13 admission ticket.

Without question, you'll want to add this activity to your bucket list, as it is only 30 minutes outside of the Edmonton.

Edmonton Corn Maze

Price: $13.00

When: Tuesday, July 28 until Saturday, October 24

Address: 26171 Garden Valley Rd., Spruce Grove, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can test your skills to see if you can escape before your BFF.

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