Lying in New Orleans' oldest cemetery lies the tomb of a star we all know isn't exactly dead yet. Making sure he had the perfect place to rest for eternity, this actor bought out a plot and built a cement pyramid for himself at the famous St. Louis Cemetery No.1. Yes, you can actually visit Nicolas Cage's tomb in New Orleans that he has waiting for him for when he eventually meets his end. 

In 2010, Nicolas Cage bought the final two available plots in the famous cemetery to build his nine-foot-tall white cement pyramid that would serve as his future grave.

On the pyramid are the words Omnia ab Uno, which can be translated to mean “Everything from One.”

His pyramid tomb definitely stands out among the other dark, aged tombs that surround it. Some locals find it appalling, other tourists love to pose and take photos with it.

Cage has never explicitly told the public why he bought the tomb in this New Orleans cemetery, though it is known that he has an adoration for the city, having purchased other properties in the area before.

The actor has been spotted checking up on his final resting place to make sure all is still well there. He clearly didn't buy it as a joke!

In the same cemetery lies local legend Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen. You can visit her to pay your respects, otherwise, you might be in for a potentially haunted visit.

St. Louis Cemetery No.1 is the oldest cemetery in the city, having been first built in 1789. The historic spot is visited by more than 100,000 guests every year, some of which come specifically to find Cage's pyramid.

The cemetery currently holds over 700 burial tombs that you can walk among to explore and admire local history.

St. Louis Cemetery No.1

Price: $20

Address: 425 Basin St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: You can actually visit Nicolas Cage's personally built tomb at this beautiful, historic cemetery. There is so much else to see here, too, you'll have a fascinating time exploring the endless rows of resting places.


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