Third Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccines Are Now Available In Some Canadian Provinces & Here’s Why

Provinces are making a third dose possible for different reasons.👇🇨🇦

Third Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccines Are Now Available In Some Canadian Provinces & Here’s Why
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Multiple provinces in Canada have now approved third doses of COVID-19 vaccines, although the reasons why an individual might get a third dose vary.

On August 17, Ontario released a list of people who can now get a third dose in order to "provide sufficient protection." The list includes vulnerable populations like transplant recipients, patients with hematological cancers and individuals living in high-risk areas, among others.

On the same day, the Saskatchewan government approved third doses of COVID-19 vaccines for residents wanting to travel internationally.

The province is allowing those who received a mix of AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna to get a third dose that matches their second – as long as their second dose was Pfizer or Moderna. Those who received two doses of COVISHIELD or AstraZeneca are able to receive two additional matching mRNA vaccines (such as Pfizer or Moderna.)

Quebec made a similar move a few weeks earlier, after it became clear that several countries and cruise lines will not accept travellers who received COVISHIELD or mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the federal government's latest data, over 3.7 million Canadians have received a mix and match combination of COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

Helena Hanson
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