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This Canada-US Ferry Service Is Set To Resume In 2022 & It Takes Just 3.5 Hours

It's described as "nature's finest shortcut from one coastal paradise to another." ⛴🌊

This Canada-US Ferry Service Is Set To Resume In 2022 & It Takes Just 3.5 Hours

A high-speed international ferry service between Canada and the United States is set to resume in 2022, after being cancelled three years in a row.

Bay Ferries Ltd. has confirmed that its catamaran ferry between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Bar Harbor, Maine, is expected to restart in spring next year.

The ferry service — known locally as The Cat — completes the international journey in just 3.5 hours and transports RVs, pickups, SUVs, cars, tour buses, motorcycles, and bicycles, as well as walk-on passengers and pets.

The company describes the trip as "nature's finest short cut from one coastal paradise to another" and promises travellers will never forget the adventure across the "rugged shores of the Atlantic."

Its last two seasons were cancelled due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, while the 2019 season was scrapped due to construction at the Bar Harbor terminal.

While services are set to resume in spring 2022, operators noted that it still remains "unclear" when exactly the international border will be open for travel in both directions.

Although U.S. air borders are open to travellers from Canada, the country's land and ferry crossings remain closed to all non-essential travel until at least October 21, 2021.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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