TikTok Video Of A Rat At Goodwill Is A Skin-Crawling Reminder To Wash Thrift Store Clothes

Bargain-hunters scrambled to grab the "limited edition" rat 🐀

TikTok Video Of A Rat At Goodwill Is A Skin-Crawling Reminder To Wash Thrift Store Clothes
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Always wash clothes from a thrift store before wearing them.

That little bit of wisdom is going viral on TikTok after someone shared a video of a rat scurrying through a bin of clothes at a Goodwill store.

The 21-second clip shows the rat leaping from one clothing bin to another, much to the shock of customers at the store.

"Go to the Goodwill bins they said," the video voiceover says. "It'll be fun they said."

A few customers and a Goodwill employee can be seen scrambling to catch the rodent as it tries to dive into the clothing.

It's unclear where or when the video was shot, but everyone is wearing masks so it may be more on the recent side. It's been watched more than 3 million times to date.


……….. 🐀 #goodwillbins #thrift #goodwill

"This is is why you wash your clothes after thrifting," one user wrote in the comments.

"This is why I can't try stuff on at thrift stores," another wrote. "It has to be washed first."

There were also plenty of jokes flying around in the replies.


"That must be like a limited edition rat [...] everyone is trying to get it," one user said.

"Bro was just trying to shop too," another said.

Some people were apparently turned off thrifting by the video, but others weren't discouraged.

"That won't stop me," one woman wrote.

"We shall proceed on," the original poster added.


This isn't the first time an animal has turned up in a Goodwill bin. An employee found a snake while browsing through a bin of clothes in 2018, according to a report from Texas.

Goodwill asks that donors wash all clothing before donating it to the charity.

Narcity has reached out to Goodwill for comment about the bargain-hunting rat.

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