A TikToker Broke Down Over An Insult From Sephora Staff & 'This Is Why I Go Online Shopping'

"Girl, you better contact their manager ASAP.”

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The TikToker in her video. Right: A customer shopping at Sephora.

The TikToker in her video. Right: A customer shopping at Sephora.

Having a run-in with an unpleasant service industry worker can certainly ruin anyone's day, and one TikToker has a horror story about how an experience at Sephora left her in tears.

TikToker Quinn, who runs the account @quinnylepooh turned to the platform to share her not-so-positive experience with a sales associate while shopping at the popular beauty retailer, and a lot of people are coming to her defence.

Quinn filmed herself crying from her car recalling her short experience at the store, explaining how the Sephora employee made a sly comment about her physical appearance that tore her down.

The TikToker was at the beauty store to purchase Selena Gomez’s brand Rare Beauty mascara because she's “team Selena all the way,” and while at the checkout, the employee gave her a bunch of sample products.

Quinn thanked her for all the samples, and the employee replied, “I hope it helps your skin because it looks pretty bad right now.”


They much have been team Hailey 😔 - i dont feel rare, i feel like trash right now 🥲 - @rarebeauty @sephora - #rarebeautyblush #rarebeautymakeup #rarebeautyreview #rarebeautymascara #rarebeauty #rarebeautyhighlighter #rarebeautybyselena #selenagomez #selenagomezfan #teamselena #sephora #sephorastorytime #makeup #mascara #fyp

“I didn't know what to say honestly. I just froze because I know my skin looks pretty bad right now,” Quinn said through her tears.

“I just was stressed, and I just have acne, okay?”

Quinn shared that she has suffered from acne since her teen years and that she was “already having a pretty bad day.”

“And then they gotta hit me with this? This is why I go online shopping,” Quinn said before ending her video.

People expressed their support for the woman in the comments section and called out the Sephora employee for treating her so terribly.

TikTok users urged Quinn to take action by leaving a bad review or reaching out to the manager of the store to share her experience.

One user wrote, “I hope you emailed their manager & give a bad review for their online survey that was so uncalled for. I’m so sorry you don’t deserve that!”

"Girl, you better contact their manager ASAP,” wrote another user.

One person even tagged Sephora’s official TikTok account and wrote, “do better.”

Another TikToker claiming to be an ex-Sephora employee chimed in, and said that Quinn’s story “breaks [her] heart.”

“PLEASE contact corporate because this is NOT Sephora culture. So so sorry love” continued the former employee’s comment.

Another person shared a similar experience their mom had while shopping at Sephora and wrote, “a Sephora worker literally told my mom she looks like she doesn’t have a skincare routine….. she has cancer.”


It’s not looking good for Sephora employees right now, and this is a reminder to always be kind to people!

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Sameen Chaudhry
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