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Tim Hortons Canada Day 2020 Deal Lets you Get A Free Donut Today & Tomorrow

What's more Canadian than a free donut? How about a free donut on Canada Day? That'll do it! The Tim Hortons Canada Day 2020 celebration gives you exactly what you're looking for, along with some great new menu items to try.

For both Canada Day and today (which isn't officially known as Canada Day eve, but is basically the same thing), customers can add a free donut to any mobile order that includes a drink.

That means if you're putting an order for your daily double-double, you can also throw in a chocolate or maple dip for no extra charge. 

With this deal, Tim Hortons is like the friend who goes to pick up the coffees and comes back with a little something extra just because. It's a truly Canadian move.

To make things even more celebratory, you could add the new Canada Day donut, topped with vanilla icing and red and white sprinkles, to your order.

Tim Hortons is also introducing new, chilled drinks featuring one of the most patriotic ingredients out there: maple syrup (you didn't think it was cheese curds did you?).

First, there is the maple iced coffee, which seems like it might have been inspired by the flavour combination promoted by B.C.-born tennis star Vasek Pospisil.

Tim's also has a new maple creamy chill, which is really closer to a milkshake than a chilled coffee drink, but it's probably still pretty delicious.

The famous coffee chain is also sponsoring celebrations for the national holiday and performances that will be taking place on July 1 (in a socially distanced, virtual format).

"Every year we're proud to sponsor Canada Day festivities in communities across the country and we thought it was especially important this year," Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons said in a statement.

Tim Hortons is also promoting access to a website that Canadians can use on their phone to have a virtual fireworks display from the comfort of their homes.