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Tim Hortons In Dubai Charged $870 For A 4-Course New Year's Eve Dinner

Nothing like a fancy Timmies meal with a view of fireworks! 😳

A Tim Hortons restaurant in Dubai offered a dining experience like no other on New Year's Eve, and it came with a steep price tag. 

The Dubai Mall's Tim Hortons charged patrons Dh2,500 for a New Year's Eve dinner on their promenade, with a view of the fireworks display included, reports The National News.

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$870 Tim Hortons dinner event price in CAD

The Burj Khalifa New Year's Eve fireworks display is world-renowned, which explains the cost.

It wasn't just Timbits on the menu, either. The evening included a four-course meal, including soup and dessert, the outlet reports. 

Alternatively, terrace seating was available for Dh2,000, equivalent to CAD$695. Indoor seats were Dh700, or CAD$244.

Tim Hortons wasn't the only chain to offer pricey dinners in Dubai on New Year's, according to CNN Travel.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries charged over Dh1,500 per person for a meal with a view of the light show.

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