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The Cast Of Netflix's ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever’ Share Their Fave Filming Spots

The final flick premieres on February 12 and features so many Canadian locations.

Are you excited to find out how Lara Jean and Peter's story turns out? Then you won't want to miss Netflix's To All The Boys: Always And Forever.

In the third movie of the To All The Boys series, Lara Jean needs to decide what her life will look like after graduating high school. Will she go to the same college as Peter? If not, what will that mean for their relationship?

Narcity had the chance to talk to Vancouver locals who star in the film, Anna Cathcart (Kitty) and Madeleine Arthur (Chris), ahead of its release on February 12.

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[rebelmouse-image 26008169 alt="To All the Boys Always And Forever filming in Korea" photo_credit="Juhan Noh | Netflix" expand=1 original_size="4800x3200"] Juhan Noh | Netflix

What were your favourite filming locations?

"[Filming in Vancouver] was really special because I could go home after work to my dog and my family, and get to see my friends," says Cathcart. While she loved working in her hometown, Cathcart says she also really appreciated having the opportunity to visit Korea and experience its culture, which was a "crazy experience."

Arthur, who lives part-time in Vancouver, really enjoyed filming in the Lower Mainland. "Anything that plays for Portland, that's all filmed in B.C.," she says, referring to locations like the high school, coffee house, and dinner scene.

But if she had to pick her favourite location, it would be New York. "I had never filmed in Manhattan, and that was crazy exciting to me."

What was the cast like behind-the-scenes?

For Cathcart, some of the fondest moments happened off-camera, where there was lots of laughing. "We've known each other now for so many years, we've definitely become like a family," she says.

According to Arthur, the cast would often play games like 21 questions, riddles, or Sudoku between takes and have a "really good time together and then step on set and have a great time playing the character."

On their days off, Cathcart and Arthur say they played tour guide for the cast and made some incredible memories. "We took them to Granville Island and Science World ... and went on a boat a few times." 

As Vancouver locals, what are some of your favourite sights?

Arthur says she goes to Granville Island once a week when she is in town. "It's one of my favourite places in the city," she adds. But her other top picks are Stanley Park, Tofino, or Whistler, and along the seawall.

Cathcart recommends Whistler but told Narcity her top pick would have to be Granville Island. "It's such a cute little spot," she says. While there, she says she loves to browse all the souvenirs and sample all the seafood.

You can catch both Cathcart and Arthur in the final film of the trilogy, To All The Boys: Always And Forever, which premieres on Netflix Canada on February 12. 

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