Officials released a letter on Thursday denouncing the Toronto District School Board's (TDSB) accusations against the fire department and the City over the York Memorial Collegiate Institute fire.

The statement, made by City Manager Chris Murray, accuses the board of making a "baseless attack on the integrity" of Fire Chief Matthew Pegg after accusing him of negligence in a lawsuit earlier this week.

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The $90 million lawsuit was revealed by the TDSB on Wednesday, in which it blamed the City and Toronto Fire Services for failing to stop a massive fire that destroyed York Memorial Collegiate Institute back in 2019.

In response, the City said that TDSB should consider publicly apologizing for the "betrayal."

"I am compelled to express my extreme disappointment in the baseless and irresponsible allegations made against Fire Chief Matthew Pegg," Murray states in the letter. "I am also appalled at the calculated public release of the claim yesterday by the TDSB, which contained these allegations. In my view this could have only been intended to cause unwarranted harm for some undisclosed strategic benefit."