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11 American Fast Food Restaurants We Really, Really Want To Come To Canada

Canada's definitely not short on fast food, but everytime I drive across the American border, "A Whole New World" from Aladdin will never stop playing in my head. In America, we can fulfill our dreams to recreate Harold and Kumar's journey to White Castle and can actually get our food delivered to our cars in a drive-in. America is a nation of excess and nothing embodies that than its abundance of fast food chains.

Americans will never have our poutine, rest assured. We definitely wish, though, that some fast food chains could just actually be in our country. We see them on TV commercials all the time (Peachtree TV, anybody?) and in the movies. And, come on, we're right on the border.

Here's 11 American fast food restaurants we really, really want to come to Canada:

White Castle

All we want is to go on a road trip and pretend we're Harold and Kumar. That's all. Original sliders go for just 72 cents, so you can really pig out at this infamous burger chain that's actually older than McDonald's. For the Torontonians, you can actually pick up frozen White Castle sliders at some 7 Eleven locations across the city.

Sonic's Drive-In

The question is: Why don't Canadians like drive-ins? This retro-style fast food chain sticks true to the roots of 50s drive-in restaurants that were once so popular across the United States. You park in the drive-in, order your milkshake (and tater tots) and the employees rollerblade up to your car with your food on a tray. Glorious.


"Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta get your feast on." You probably heard the jingle many, many times on Peachtree TV or other American television channels. But, wait. There's no Checkers in Canada? We would do outrageous things to take a nibble of their famous french fries.

Chick Fil-A

Sure, we have KFC and some of the bigger cities have Popeyes, but we're missing one important chain from the mighty chicken trio. Popeyes and KFC don't even have nuggets, and let me tell you, Chick Fil-A nuggets. Muah.

Steak 'n Shake

Most of the steakburgers are under $4.00, including fries in a drink, so I don't know why we're going crazy over Wendys' my my 1.89. Steak and Shake has made its way to Pakistan and in some parts of southern France but still has yet to make an appearance in Canada.


California's absolute finest fast food burger chain. To be fair, not even east coast Americans can have a bite of these famous burgers, but people can tell you from the world over how magnificent these burgers are. The real deal, though, is the secret menu. Animal style fries, my friends. Animal style fries - melted cheese, grilled onions, all drenched alongside thousand islands dressing.

Jack In The Box

There's never been a more honest meal deal than the late-night Munchie Meals at Jack in the Box. At six bucks and all adding up to 1500 calories and loaded with carbs, it's a fine example of American fast food at its best. Every burger in the combo comes with tacos and a mix of curly and straight-cut french fries. Did I mention it's all only 6 bucks? Also, they were selling breakfast all-day before McDonald's.

El Pollo Locco

The only fast food restaurant where I'll voluntarily eat a salad. The Pollo Bowls are mean and loaded with traditional Mexican fare, but their new layered salads are keen on the new avocado trend.


I would do a many great deal of things to acquire some of their deep fried cheese curds. Based out of Wisconsin, the cheese capital of America, all of their famous butterburgers use real Wisonsin cheese. Their shakes are also pretty wild.

Carl's Jr.

Torontonians will actually know that a couple of these were in Canada for a bit, but they closed down fairly recently. I dunno, maybe Canadians were just on a cleanse like Seth Rogen in "This is the End."


You can get 24 Krystal burgers for $16.99. Like a White Castle counterpart that's dedicated to their sliders, this place is dedicated to eating as much as possible for as little as possible. Total excess at its finest. Ah, America.

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