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Someone In This Ontario Region Just Won $15M So Dig Out Your Tickets

The jackpot was split with someone from Quebec.
$15 Million Lottery Ticket t In Ontario Was Sold In Burlington

Check your pockets! You could be the winner of an unclaimed $15 million lottery ticket in Ontario.

The $30 million LOTTO MAX draw on Tuesday saw two winners, one in Ontario and one in Quebec. 

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One of the winning tickets was sold in Burlington, so if you're from that area it's time to double-check your numbers. 

According to OLG, a second-place prize worth $170,532 was also sold in the Niagara region.

On top of that, two ENCORE tickets worth $100,000 were also sold in Parry Sound/Nipissing district and Unionville. 

Two People In Ontario Just Won $11.4M Each & They Don't Know It Yet

Someone in Scarborough is also sitting on $1 million!

Not one, not two, but three people are now millionaires after last night's lottery jackpot in Ontario.

The 6/49 jackpot on April 14 was a whopping $22.8 million and it was split by one Scarborough resident and another Ontarian, who bought their ticket on OLG's website.

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Someone In This Ontario Region Is Sitting On A $50M Lotto Jackpot Right Now

Whoever you are, you better go claim your prize. 🤑

Someone out there is the lucky winner of a life-changing $50 million lottery jackpot in Ontario

The LOTTO MAX ticket was sold on March 16, along with two more big wins in other parts of the province on the same day. 

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