A 'Canada's Drag Race' Pit Crew Member Reveals How To Spot Your Fav Queens IRL In Toronto

Have you ever wanted to meet a celebrity queen IRL?

Toronto Staff Writer
A 'Canada's Drag Race' Pit Crew Member Reveals How To Spot Your Fav Queens IRL In Toronto
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Canada's Drag Race has featured some fabulous queens from across the country, but fans might be able to spot some of the show's cast and alumni right here in Toronto.

Seth Falk, a pit crew member of Canada's Drag Race season one, gave Narcity some insider tips on how and where to connect with your favourite celebrity queens downtown.

The show, which is on its second season, showcases 12 of Canada's fiercest drag queens fighting it out for a crown and a grand prize of $100,000.

Falk says going to your favourite queen's show or a large production they're involved in is always a great first step.

"These queens are so gracious. If you go to their big stage shows, you can meet them at the meet and greet, and I'm sure you can ask them where they're either going to be hanging out or performing afterwards because I think they want to be surrounded by their local fans," he said.

Falk has attended more than one large drag show production in Toronto, and there are two locations in the Church-Wellesley village that come to mind for him where fans of the show may be able to spot a queen hanging out after a gig.

"I feel like Crews & Tangos, and Woody's seems to be a place where these queens go after doing a large production at one of the big theatres."

"Just an inkling. I have been to quite a few of the big productions, and I do feel like celebrity drag queen spotting might be good at those locations."

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