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A Toronto Coyote Bit 2 People Walking In A Park & The City Is Still Looking For It

City officials are warning residents to avoid Bayview Village Park for now.

A Toronto Coyote Bit 2 People Walking In A Park & The City Is Still Looking For It

A coyote in Toronto bit two people walking through the same park over the weekend, and it's still out there.

On November 21, Toronto Police tweeted that they received reports of an aggressive coyote in the Bayview Village Park area that attacked citizens walking through.

The City of Toronto issued a statement later that day stating that they are aware of the incident that took place in Bayview Village Park over the weekend.

"The coyote is still at large and the City advises residents in the area to please stay away from the park and use caution in the neighbouring areas," city officials wrote.

Both Toronto Animal Services and the TPS were scouring the park yesterday trying to find and capture the coyote but still haven't found it yet. They will team up together again to search for the coyote sometime on Monday.

According to the City, coyotes don't typically pose a threat to people but can be dangerous to pets. Earlier this summer, a Yorkshire terrier received some serious injuries from a coyote attack after she tried to defend her 10-year-old owner from the animal.

The City has given out some tips to residents who encounter a coyote in the city. They advise avoiding approaching or touching coyotes (even if they seem tame or injured), keeping your dog on a leash, making loud noises to scare them off, and avoiding giving them any food.

Anyone who needs to report a coyote sighting in Toronto can either call 416-338-PAWS (7297), email animalservices@toronto.ca or submit an online form.

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