Residents near Queens Quay and Bathurst were met with a surprise when a coyote starting wandering a Toronto schoolyard during recess.

The coyote was spotted by a Toronto Reddit user on late Monday morning, while the students were taking a break from classes.

"It was pretty bold with approaching people so I’m assuming it [was] hungry," he wrote.

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Ron_textall | Reddit

Ron_textall | Reddit

He went on to explain that the crowds of people at the school were able to force the critter into the adjacent Little Norway Park.

From there, 311 was called and authorities were notified.

However, the man returned to Little Norway park two hours later to see the coyote still present in the area.

There were no disturbances or injuries reported in connection with the wildlife spotting.

Toronto is no stranger to run-ins with critters. Just last month, a man carrying a raccoon while riding a segway took the city by storm, prompting some to call him the city's unofficial mascot.