It looks like the infamous Adamson BBQ could be making a comeback.

The Toronto restaurant was shut down on November 26 for disobeying Ontario's lockdown restrictions.

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The lifting of the requirements of the Section 22 order would permit the Adamson Etobicoke location to open for takeout, delivery, or drive through only as allowed for under the Lockdown Regulation. The City Of Toronto

The Toronto Medical Officer of Health announced on Monday that it had lifted several requirements under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to allow the BBQ joint to reopen.

The move could allow the restaurant to be green-lighted to offer take-out, drive-thru and delivery services.

However, it will need to follow the province's lockdown rules, acquire a valid business licence, and pass a DineSafe inspection.

If proper orders aren't followed, the business could face "contempt of court findings."

Adam Skelly, the owner of the BBQ, has been warned that the premises could be closed "for up to two years," if he is caught in violation of Toronto's business licensing bylaws.