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Adamson BBQ Owner Just Told His Side Of The Story & He's Not Done Fighting

"I promise I will continue to fight for our freedoms."

Two weeks after his arrest, Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly is speaking out about the events that took place at his Etobicoke restaurant.

Due to the conditions of his bail, which ban him from communicating on social media, Skelly wrote a statement in the form of an email blast.

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Despite not being a smart business move, I opened up so I could receive the charges [...] and challenge them in the courts. Adam Skelly

In it, he writes, "I was well aware of the position I'd be putting myself in by taking this stand," having received threats and harassment in addition to charges.

Skelly admits that his restaurants "will not survive extended lockdowns through the Spring," and that he sees "no light at the end of the tunnel."

He says that his "peaceful, successful lunch service," in which he defied lockdown orders to serve indoor dining, led to what he called an "excessive use of force" by police, who arrested him for "exercising [his] right to earn a living."

"I made many promises (including to myself) not to back down," Skelly writes.

And it seems that despite everything that's happened, he is still refusing to surrender.

"I promise I will continue to fight for our freedoms, for small businesses, and for a brighter future for our children. And make the best barbecue in the country while I'm at it."

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The City of Toronto is billing the owner of Adamson Barbecue for the amount of money it cost them to close his restaurant and keep it closed.

The city reportedly sent owner Adam Skelly an invoice for $187,030.56 after he defied public health orders and opened his restaurant to dine-in customers in November 2020.

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