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Toronto's Cheapest Neighbourhoods To Buy A Home Are All In The City's East End

Buying a house can be overwhelming, especially in Canada's largest city. But, depending on the area, it can actually be pretty attainable.

If you're looking for affordable housing in Toronto, the top five neighbourhoods with the cheapest average price in 2019 are the east-end areas of Rouge, Malvern, Bendale, Woburn, and Morningside, according to Moneysense.


Is the average area price in 2019 for the Rouge neighbourhood, the cheapest in Toronto

Looking at the whole study, 2019 average prices ranged from $722,209 in Rouge to $3,008,096 in Rosedale-Moore Park.

Just a few months ago, Toronto house prices actually jumped by more than what many residents make in a year.

The MoneySense study assessed a range of factors to find the 6ix's best neighbourhoods for buying real estate. And if you don't fancy the downtown life, try Guelph!


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