Alberta's War Room Says A Netflix Film Is 'Brainwashing Kids' To Be Anti-Oil

"Tell Netflix this is just plain wrong!"
Alberta's 'Energy War Room' Says Netflix Is 'Brainwashing' Kids
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The Canadian Energy Centre (CEC) — often referred to as Alberta's "War Room" — is going after Netflix. 

The provincially-funded, pro-oil organization has started a letter-sending campaign condemning Netflix for releasing a film about Bigfoot which it says "peddles lies" about the oil and gas industry.

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"Bigfoot Family" is a children's animated film released in 2020 about Bigfoot and his kid Adam protecting a wildlife reserve from an oil company.

"Brainwashing our kids with anti-oil and gas propaganda is just wrong – and Netflix needs to know that!" says the CEC.

According to the CEC's website, over 2,300 people have sent a letter to Netflix, whose spokesperson did not immediately respond to a Narcity media request.

Cormac O'Brien
Staff Writer