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An American Billionaire Reportedly Got To Skip Quarantine To Visit Toronto

Apparently, her private jet landed in Toronto on August 25.

Canada has been enforcing its quarantine laws since the spring, but one wealthy American was apparently able to sidestep them on a business trip to Toronto last month.

American billionaire Liz Uihlein, the president and CEO of Uline Inc., flew in to visit a company facility in Milton, CBC News reports.

The outlet claims that she was permitted to skip the otherwise mandatory 14-day quarantine regulations for her three-day trip.

Uihlein has been openly critical of America's stay-at-home orders, which she spoke to The Guardian about in an April interview.

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Liz Uihlein

Uihlein was accompanied by two other execs on her Toronto visit.

A spokesperson for Uline told the outlet that the three Americans were granted the exemption, but refused to say who it was granted by.

Via CBC News