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An Etobicoke Restaurant Is Ignoring Ford's Orders & Opening Today For Dine In (VIDEO)

The owner says that the pandemic "reeks of corruption, top to bottom."
An Etobicoke Restaurant Is Ignoring Ford's Orders & Opening Today For Dine In (VIDEO)

Despite residing in the lockdown zone of the province's COVID-19 framework, an Etobicoke restaurant will be opening Tuesday morning against Ford's orders.

The owner of Adamson Barbecue, Adam Skelly, took to Instagram to explain the decision in a three-minute video. 

He claims that the positivity threshold of 2.5% is set too low, that other sicknesses can cause positive COVID-19 tests, and that businesses won't make it through this winter. 

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Not everyone is on board, though.

The first comment on his Instagram video reads, "This absolutely reeks of entitlement... Just because you decide that you’re over it doesn’t mean that we aren’t still in the midst of a global pandemic."

"Man.... I really wanted to support your business so badly...." wrote another.

Businesses that reside within the red or grey zones are not allowed to offer indoor dining.

Etobicoke falls under Toronto's jurisdiction, which is currently in the grey zone, under lockdown.

Adamson Barbecue's opening will be in direct opposition to Premier Ford's provincial orders and the restaurant could face severe penalties.

"This is a risky move, but you guys gave me the gas to do this," said Skelly during his video, referring to his supportive customers.*

Editor's note: This article has been updated. 

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