Ontario Anti-Maskers Got Blasted With Water During Aylmer's Massive Protest (VIDEO)

Almost 2,000 people attended the "Freedom March."
Aylmer Protest: Anti-Maskers Got Blasted With Water While Marching (VIDEO)

Anti-mask protestors were doused with water during last weekend's demonstration in Aylmer, Ontario. 

In a video shared online, a man appears to turn his garden hose on a group of demonstrators marching past his home.

Ahead of the protest, which took place on Saturday, Aylmer declared a state of emergency in anticipation of "civil unrest" in the town.

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Almost 2,000 people attended the event, Alymer Police told Narcity. Protestors called for an end to the lockdown and public health measures.

Police confirmed to Narcity that two minor incidents occurred during the protest; one involved a reporter and the other, a citizen in opposition to the demonstrating group.

Despite the two incidents, no arrests were made during the protest.

Aylmer has the highest rate of cases in its health region, reports CBC.

The town is home to the controversial Church of God, which broke Ontario's gathering rules with an illegal service back in the spring.

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