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How To Tell If Someone Is A Millennial Or Gen Z In Toronto Based On Where You Spot Them

Which generation does the 6ix the best?
Ontario Associate Editor
How To Tell If Someone Is A Millennial Or Gen Z In Toronto Based On Where You Spot Them

Gen Z and millennials have different opinions when it comes to, well, pretty much everything, including the best things to do in Toronto.

While the age group of both generations isn't set in stone, Gen Z usually refers to people ages 18 to 23, while millennials are typically anyone aged 24 to 38.

Gen Z recently bashed millennials for their side parts and skinny jeans, which are apparently outdated, but millennials still have their own ideas about what's trendy.

You can probably tell which generation someone is from based on where you spot them in the city — or what style of jeans they have on.

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Favourite place to fill up on brunch

Millennials: Old school

Brunch is the most important meal of the day for millennials, and they like to go all out. A giant stack of blueberry pancakes from Old School is the perfect mix of nostalgia and deliciousness.


Gen Z: Early bird (Queen St.)

The Gen Z crowd may not be as crazy about brunch as their millennial friends, but the smoothie bowls and healthy eats from Early Bird are both delicious and beautiful.


Favourite spot for a photoshoot

Millennials: Cops Toronto

The insta-worthy pink wall of Cops Toronto is a hot spot for millennial photoshoots. Part of the attraction is the chance to fill up on coffee and mini donuts after, of course.


Gen Z: Financial District

Gen Z can be found snapping photos around the financial district for that big-city vibe. The tall buildings and sunlight allow for some creative shots.

Favourite place to dine

Millennials: El Catrin

Tacos and giant margaritas? No wonder this spot is popular among millennials. The insta-worthy decor is another reason to visit this Mexican restaurant.


Gen Z: Hello 123

Considering Gen Z is all about plant-based and sustainable options, Hello 123 is super appealing to this generation. With tons of healthy options and a range of apps to choose from for their snacking needs, you're likely to spot a Gen Z at this place.


Favourite place to visit on the weekend

Millennials: The waterfront (with a coffee)

No weekend is complete without coffee, and you'll probably find millennials enjoying a cup from their favourite cafe while strolling by the waterfront.

Gen Z: Reading at Trinity Bellwoods Park

Gen Z doesn't miss an opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, and chilling at Trinity Bellwoods Park with friends or a good book is a fun way to enjoy the weekend.


Favourite bar to relax with a drink

Millennials: The Porch

Millennials live for the rooftop views and boozy drink towers at The Porch. In the summer, it's the perfect place to soak up some sun and enjoy a glass or two with friends.


Gen Z: Miss Thing's

You can find Gen Z sipping colourful drinks and basking in the tropical vibes at this spot. It's basically like taking a vacation to Hawaii.


Favourite place to soak up some sun

Millennials: Sugar Beach

Dreamy pink umbrellas and waterfront views draw millennials to this spot every summer. Whether they're working on a tan or gazing over the water, it's a popular place to come and unwind.


Gen Z: Evergreen Brick Works

Gen Z is known for their love of nature, and Evergreen Brick Works boasts tons of surrounding trails to explore. Plus, the farmer's market is a great place to find local and organic goods.


Favourite cafe to grab a drink

Millennials: Balzac's Distillery District 

Nestled in the historic Distillery District, millennials adore the old-world aesthetic and coffee at this place. Offering a variety of lattes and other drinks, it's a dreamy spot to take a coffee break.


Gen Z: Fika cake

Gen Z may not be as coffee-obsessed as millennials, but they do love a good local cafe. This Swedish-inspired venue has many drinks to choose from, including tea lattes and lavender white hot chocolate.


    Madeline Forsyth
    Ontario Associate Editor
    Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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