Toronto Protesters That Painted Statues Pink Stayed In Jail Hours Longer Than Needed

Police claim the individuals chose to stay detained for a full day.
Toronto Staff Writer
Black Lives Matter Protestors Stayed In Toronto Jail Hours Longer Than Needed

Protesters continue to take over the streets of Toronto. Three demonstrators were arrested in Queen's Park over the weekend during a Black Lives Matter protest. Toronto police announced that these individuals stayed detained for hours longer than needed. 

According to Toronto police, three adults were arrested for allegedly vandalizing property on July 18, 2020.

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Authorities state in a report that the arrests were made per the law, and there was "nothing unique" about the situation or how it was handled.

Police also stated that each induvial was told that they would be eligible for release on Saturday, but all three refused release conditions.

The report goes on to argue that the terms that were offered are "standard" and included a mandatory court date.

Leaders of the BLM movement released a statement over the weekend asking their supporters to call Mayor John Tory and other officials to demand the individuals' release.

The group's post claims that the police were purposely holding members of their organization.

"Who are the police protecting by detaining people who have done no harm? Why are you these statues of slaveholders and genocide actors more important than our lives?" wrote the organization.

Chief Mark Saunders later responded to the BLM claims by attempting to set the record straight about the arrests.

"Some have chosen to perpetuate a false narrative about the access to Counsel and the custody of these three individuals. As is the case in all similar arrests, each of these individuals were provided the opportunity to sign a release, agreeing to appear in court," Saunders stated in a police report.

"Each had access to counsel in the mid-afternoon. Despite two indicating they would seek release, they later refused and instead chose to remain in custody for many hours longer than was required and into the evening and early morning hours. It is important in these critical moments that the truth be told by all sides," he added.

All three individuals were released on July 19, 2020.

The incident comes after multiple anti-racism movements have taken over the 6ix. 

The popular Graffiti Alley has completely transformed into a giant art walk for the cause. 

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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