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The Rogers Centre Looks Totally Different For The Blue Jays' Return To Toronto (VIDEO)

Don't worry, though — the beers are still expensive. 🍻

The Rogers Centre Looks Totally Different For The Blue Jays' Return To ...

There's no place like home — especially if you're the Toronto Blue Jays and you haven't played at the Rogers Centre since 2019.

The Jays are home for good, celebrating their home opener with a win against the Kansas City Royals on July 30, 2021. But home looks a lot different, now, in several key ways.

Masks are required in the Rogers Centre this season unless you're sitting in your seat and actively eating and drinking. Thankfully, the Blue Jays had a few of their own masks to mark the occasion.

Ailish Forfar | Narcity

The stadium capacity is also limited to 15,000 fans, which means the upper decks of the stadium are no-fans-allowed and left completely empty. Even in the lower decks, fans have the option of purchasing regular seats or physically distanced seats, located in different sections of the park — if you can beat the scalpers to a ticket.

Similar measures are in place inside the stadium, too, with the Jays Shop operating at a limited capacity. That — along with a rush to get this year's merch — lead to a massive line to get into the shop during last night's game.

For safety reasons, all games at the Rogers Centre will be played with the roof open. Even if it starts raining, the roof will be kept partially open for airflow reasons, along with extra ventilation measures (like keeping all the exterior doors open).

But don't worry, Jays fans, some things will never change — like expensive beer and a great view. Baseball's back, baby!

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