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Chris Sky Gave Out His Number At An Anti-Vaxx Rally In Toronto & Now The Calls Won't Stop

He said he gave out his number because he "has nothing to hide."

Chris Sky Gave Out His Number At An Anti-Vaxx Rally In Toronto & Now The Calls Won't Stop

On September 25 at the Eaton Centre, Chris Saccoccia (better known as Chris Sky) addressed anti-vaxx protesters at a rally before giving out his number to them (which, he later said, had already been public for months.)

"I'm going to give out my phone number because if there are any people of substance and resources actually watching this, who actually have a set of balls, a set of morals, and actually want to help the country, they can contact me, because my number is public," Saccoccia said to protesters at the Eaton Centre. "Because, unlike the politicians, I have nothing to hide, I'm not afraid of anybody, and I'm actually here to help."

"So here it is, world, take it down. And if you want to crank-call me go ahead, I'm used to it, too," Saccoccia continued, before giving out his phone number.

Two days after the Eaton Centre rally — which lead to two arrests — Saccoccia took to Twitter to clarify who exactly that number was for.

"Guys, I gave my number out in Toronto and specifically said it was for people who either need help or people, more importantly, that have the resources to actually help make a difference," Saccoccia said in a video he tweeted on September 27. "It wasn't so people could call me every five seconds and ask me the exact same question that I've already answered a million times."

The question? What to do about the vaccine mandate.

A separate video shared by Toronto lawyer Caryma Sa'd on the same day showed the infamous anti-masker calling those "thousands" of same-question-askers "f*cking idiots."

Some observers were quick to comment on the video. A few Twitter users asked why he had so many garbage bags in the back of his car, while others joked about the other possible questions callers are asking him.

Saccoccia later tweeted that he has never received so many fake calls in his life, and yesterday, on September 28, alleged that a "crank call campaign" has been orchestrated against him after saying nearly 200 people have called him and promptly hung up.

The Ontario Government Is Being Asked To Ban Anti-Vaxx Protests Near Hospital & Schools

"Allowing these protests to occur outside of workplaces is a disgrace," the trade union, Unifor, said.

Ontario government's getting called on to ban anti-vaxx protests that happen near hospitals, schools, daycares and COVID-19 testing clinics and immunization centres.

Unifor — Canada's largest union in the private sector — put out a call to action on September 30 to the Ford government, and brought up how the Quebec government recently passed a bill that prohibits these kinds of protests from happening within 50 metres of any of those establishments.

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The Eaton Centre Was Stormed By Anti-Vaxx Protestors & 2 Were Arrested On Assault Charges

"What we saw outside the Eaton Centre on Saturday is illegal behaviour and police are treating it as such," Mayor Tory said.

The Toronto police have arrested two people following the anti-vaccine-passport protests that took place at the Eaton Centre over the weekend.

On Saturday, September 25, a group of protesters made their way to the Eaton Centre but were denied access by the mall's uniformed security staff, TPS said in their release.

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An Oakville Resto Posted A Notice Saying It Welcomes Diners Who Aren't Vaccinated

Businesses that don't comply with Ontario's proof of vaccination policy risk facing a hefty fine.

Italian restaurant Zucchinis Cucina in Oakville says they will be allowing unvaccinated patrons to dine with them despite the new vaccine certificate program in Ontario.

The restaurant took to Instagram on Thursday, September 23, and posted a picture of a sign announcing that they do not discriminate "against any customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated."

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Some BC Schools Got Put Into 'Hold & Secure' Because Anti-Vaxx Protesters Got Inside

All schools in the district will have their outside doors locked from now on.

On September 17, some B.C. schools had to be placed into "hold and secure" for a day because of anti-vaxx and anti-mask protesters.

This happened in School District 83 North Okanagan-Shuswap after several protests had taken place throughout the week at the district's Education Support Centre.

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