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Loblaws Reports More Than 80 Ontario Employees With COVID-19 In The Past 4 Days

And more than 30 locations in the GTA have been affected.
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2021 is off to a rough start for Loblaws, which in the last four days has reported that more than 80 of its Ontario employees have contracted COVID-19.

The employees work at a number of Loblaws-owned stores — including No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Superstore — across the province.

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>81 Number of Loblaws employees with COVID-19

The company regularly updates its website with confirmed COVID-19 cases in all of its stores across Canada, including the store's address and when the employee last worked there.

Their reports from the first four days of 2021 include at least 80 positive cases.

It's hard to say exactly how many Ontario employees have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, because some stores report "multiple employees" have become ill without mentioning any specific number.

Many of the affected stores — at least 30 of them — are in the GTA, from Scarborough to Toronto to Mississauga.

Some Ontario companies have been self-reporting COVID-19 cases in an effort to keep people informed of possible infection.

Narcity has also made a list of grocery stores in Toronto that have reported COVID-19 cases among their employees. This list is updated regularly.

The government of Canada also keeps a list of incoming and outgoing planes that reported positive cases on board.

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