Over 50 Flights With Positive COVID-19 Cases Landed In Toronto In The Last 2 Weeks

A mix of international and domestic flights.
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Toronto Pearson Had 51 Flights With COVID-19 Positive Travellers Land In The Last 2 Weeks

Various airlines have reported a total of 51 flights over the past two weeks arriving at Toronto Pearson airport with COVID-19 positive passengers on board.

In keeping with Canada's regular reporting, the flights are listed on the official government website along with all other flights landing in or leaving from the country with COVID-19 positive passengers. 

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51 Number of COVID-19 positive flights into Toronto in the past two weeks

Of the 51 flights, 34 arrived from international destinations and 17 came from other cities in Canada.

The international flights in question came from a number of continents, with planes arriving from Cairo, Frankfurt, Puerto Vallarta, and Seattle.

Domestically, COVID-19 positive passengers arrived from Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Charlottetown, and Kelowna.

The government's website also lists the rows of the plane which were most likely to have been contaminated.

Ontario is planning to start rapid testing for international travellers arriving at Pearson Airport, a change from the 14-day mandatory quarantine that's currently in use. 

The change comes after Doug Ford was critical of the federal government, saying they were being too slow in stopping COVID-19 positive passengers landing in Ontario.

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