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Ford Says He'll Put Checkpoints Outside Pearson Airport If It Means Travellers Get Tested

Ford says only about 25% of international travellers are self-isolating when they arrive.
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Ontario COVID-19: Ford Says He'd Put Checkpoints Outside Pearson Airport To Test People

With or without the help of Canada's federal government, Doug Ford says he's going to implement COVID-19 testing at Pearson Airport.

In a press conference on Monday, he told reporters that he'd do whatever he needs to do in order to have international travellers tested, even if that means operating roadside checkpoints outside of Pearson Airport.

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We have 64,000 [international travellers] that went through Pearson last week, basically unchecked. Doug Ford

After announcing a full provincial lockdown, Ford criticized the federal government for not helping them institute COVID-19 testing for international travellers arriving at Toronto Pearson.

It's a point Ford has made a lot over the past few weeks.

"I want to collaborate with the federal government, but when we're getting the door shut on our face every time we talk and then just, you know, the ball keeps getting thrown down the field, it's unacceptable," Ford said.

Currently, international travellers to Ontario must self-isolate for 14 days when they arrive, but Ford said cell phone data shows that only about 25% of international travellers are actually doing that.

Ford said that he hopes the Greater Toronto Airport Authority will allow him to test inside the airport; but if they don't, Ford said he'd set up checkpoints at the airport exits to test people there.

"We're not putting people at risk here in Ontario," Ford said.

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