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Drake Responded To A TikToker's Spot-On Impression Of Him & It's Actually Uncanny (VIDEO)

She nailed his NBA speech. 😂

Toronto Staff Writer
Drake Responded To A TikToker's Spot-On Impression Of Him & It's Actually Uncanny (VIDEO)

If your dream is to receive clout from Drake, then prepare to spend hours of your life nailing down a word-for-word impression of him on TikTok because that's the ticket, folks.

TikToker @yojairyjaimee, who has over 540K followers on the platform, managed to get a shout-out from Drizzy himself after posting an uncanny recreation of the rapper's famous NBA speech made weeks before the Raptors won the championship.


We created this 😈😭 s/o champagnepapi #drake #toronto #torontoraptors #nba #game5 #fyp #foryou

The TikTok features her lip-syncing along to the words of Drake's off-the-cuff rant with precise detail, which is both impressive and totally weird to watch.

"Look at this, don't talk to me, talk to these people, it's about these people right here, it's about these people, it's about this city," the two are heard spitting at the same time in the clip.

According to Drake, the creator's unique form of dedication wowed him more than most things in his life lately.

"This is the most impressed I have been in a long time," @champagnepapi boasted in the comment section of the viral TikTok duet over the weekend.

Raptor fans will probably recall that Drake had plenty of "moments" that season. However, few were more passionate than his "look at this" Game 5 war cry, which appears to have made it the ideal choice to replicate.


THIS IS NOT A DRILL 🤯🤯🤯 super grateful for this journey!!! Only the beginning 🙏🏽 thank you to everyone who gave me a chance. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

Of course, it didn't take long for @yojairyjaimee to capitalize on her well-earned praise, thanking her followers for supporting "her journey" in a follow-up video.

And honestly, we can't blame her.

    Patrick John Gilson
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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