Drake Sat Courtside Next To A Couple & It Seems Like They Had No Idea Who He Was

Drake later said the older couple were his "new parents."

Drake Sat Courtside Next To A Couple & It Seems Like They Had No Idea Who He Was

Drake has a new set of parents in Oklahoma, and their meet-cute story is one for the ages.

On December 1, Drake was sitting courtside at the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. the Houston Rockets game, and an older couple seated beside him seemed to have no clue they were in the presence of a celebrity.

The Bleacher Report posted a video to Twitter of the camera panning over to Drake and his guest, showing the couple's reaction as they realize they are in the camera shot.

The arena played Drake's song "Way 2 Sexy" as he threw the camera a quick look and a peace sign.

The couple seemingly catches onto the camera, and the man pats Drake's shoulder with a big smile.

Drake leans back, patting the man's arm and the group shares a laugh before the OKC Thunder mascot comes over to say hello to Drake.

A Twitter user claims her sister was sitting behind the singer at the game and wrote in a text message, "It's funny cause drake been sitting to this white guy next to him chatting it up, pretty sure this guy doesn't know who he is, and drake just pulled out his phone to take a selfie with the old guy, old guy is the real celebrity."

Drake posted a picture with the couple on his Instagram story, captioning the group selfie, "my new parents."

It's not confirmed whether the couple actually had no idea who Drake was, but it does seem like they may have been a little bit surprised to find out he was famous.

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